Preparing Your Dog For Winter

If there’s one thing, dog lovers enjoy it’s buying gadgets for their dogs. A dog gadget can be anything from a pet tracker to a potty trainer, to a funky ball, and every year they get more and more innovative. Here are some dog gadgets for winter that your dog will love:

A Puffer Vest

If you like to dress your dog up in winter to keep him or her warm, you’re not alone. It’s not at all unusual for a dog in winter to walk the streets with a doggy coat or similar attire.

Available in a variety of colors, the machine-washable vest is made of 100 percent nylon to shield your pet from the elements. The inside is made with a cozy poly-fill to keep your dog warm and comfortable. The vest has a modern style and is easy to put on and to take off with its velcro closures.

Zencrate Dog House

dog in need of zencrate

We’ve all seen dog houses, and some of them can be pretty basic. Some of them are great for summer, but when the colder weather rolls around, your dog may desire something a bit warmer.

With a high tech noise cancellation system and soothing sounds your dog will be more relaxed than ever. There is a 4″ foam insulation in each panel of the dog house. There’s a heater portal that lets a cord exit the back of the doghouse. Your dog will enter the house through a door that opens and closes.

A funny trump dog toy

dog with trump dog toyPet owners know that shoes aren’t just for humans. When the winter weather rolls around, your dog may benefit from playing in front of the fire. One great way to get your dog interested is with some good politics.

Self-Warming Pet Bed

Where does your dog sleep? His he or she warm enough in the winter? Chances are, your dog searches for someplace warm to rest when the weather gets colder, that is when he or she hasn’t tried to join you in your bed. A self-warming bed lets a dog stay warm and also gives him and her some independence. For example, Chewy has a self-warming bed that comes in a variety of sizes. It uses the same technology as found in space blankets and is made with a faux lambs wool lining to keep your dog warm. The outside is made of an attractive corduroy. There is no electricity required for the self-warming doggie bed.

Christmas Dog Collars

Does your dog wear a collar? How is fun it to change the collar up for a holiday? Christmas dog collars are a fun way to bring your dog into the holiday spirit. These collars come in a wide variety of Christmas designs and are perfect temporary collars to celebrate Christmas and bring in the new year. You can find Christmas dog collars on Etsy, for example. They make for an ideal winter dog gadget.

Extra Dog Training

dog focused on trainer in fieldOne of the best ways to stay warm in winter is by staying active. Throwing balls gets boring for so it’s great to challenge mind and body with some extra dog training. When you train your dog you strengthen your bond and allow him/her to grow.

There are many options for dog training. From professional one on one training to classes to watching videos on Youtube. After reading this doggy dan’s online dog trainer review we tried it for ourselves and couldn’t be happier. It gives dog owners an affordable but extensive system for training their dog.

Doggy Blankets

The winter months are the perfect time for doggy blankets. Not only do they keep your dog warm, but they come in a wide variety of styles and colors. Some of the most comfortable blankets are made in a cozy fleece with a Sherpa back lining as found with the dog blanket called “Ultra Paws” found at Chewy. The blanket is reversible and can also be used to protect your furniture. It’s important to find a dog blanket that is easy to wash and care for, and the “Ultra Paws” is machine washable for easy cleaning.

Flashing Dog Leash

What happens when it becomes wintertime? The days get shorter and the nights get longer. That’s when a flashing dog leash becomes even more critical. Your dog needs to be walked, not only during daylight but also in the dark. The flashing dog leash keeps you and your dog safe sunup or sundown. People and cars will be able to see you and your dog no problem. Chewy offers a flashing dog leash that’s made of nylon, and that is five feet long illuminated with safe LED lighting. Its bright orange color makes it even more safe for walking your dog in the dark.

Check out these dog gadgets for winter. They are a fun way to enjoy your dog. You’ll want to buy them all, especially if you spoil your dog. However, choose the gadgets that make the most sense for your dog and your household. If you are purchasing a winter holiday specific item, be sure to purchase it early. Holiday items for pets typically sell out faster than other items.

To Feed Or Not To Feed

We all get hungry sometimes. But we don’t always follow that hunger. If we would, we might be a lot bigger right now.

The same applies to our pets. If we are to feed them outside, how do we make sure to give them the right amount, without having to refill it daily.

Of course, you can just place a bucket full of food outside but that will create all kinds of problems.

It will attract wild animals that will make a mess and costs you a lot of food. On top of that, these animals can threaten or hurt your pet.

You pet might eat all the food in one go. This will make it sick, fat, or endanger it’s health. Some dogs and cats will eat until they are literally sick.

So an outdoor pet feeder is probably a good idea. More to come soon.